May 11, 2009

Outbreak @ The Outpost - Stoughton, MA May 10-11


Just spent a couple of days working yet again with drummer Erik Perkins and the rest of the jaunty lads of Outbreak. You may remember Erik from such bands as No Trigger and such classic All Things Loud postings as "Smartbomb @ The Outpost 5/19/08"

Yes Erik is one busy fella and this session was no exception. Taking a break from a massive touring schedule, the band dropped into the Outpost to record a new collection of ditties with renowned hardcore/punk rock producer Jim Siegel (Dropkick Murphys, The Unseen, Blood For Blood, Death Before Dishonor). Erik recorded 14 drum tracks in two days, rarely needing more than one or two takes, no mean feat in itself. Add the fact that many of the songs had blistering tempos and you have yourself one of them sizeable achievements. He did the music proud and for my part I think I was able to make the drums sound pretty decent.

What drums did Erik and I make sound decent you ask? Well you got your ubiquitous Eames toms (which are featured heavily on a few numbers), your standard issue Pearl Steve Ferrone snare drum (yes again!), your standard 2001 DW kick drum, and some heavy-ass Vater Fatback hickory logs to hit everything with. Throw in a smattering of fine Paiste cymbals and you got yourself what we in the biz like to call raucous rock and roll.

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