Feb 6, 2010

Ra Ra Redux with Ra Ra Riot

I'm back at Black Dog Recording Studio in Upstate New York to work on two more songs for Ra Ra Riot's upcoming release. The only difference this time is the 15ยบ degree weather outside and my Drum Heaven 14x6.5" Limited Edition Hand-Hammered Copper Galaxy Custom Snare drum we're using for the song "Too Dramatic". I designed and produced ten of these drums about fifteen years ago and had a coppersmith do the hammering of the shell. What made this drum different was the solid brass reinforcement rings that support the copper shell. The bearing edges and snare beds are machined into the brass and there was some nifty engraving done by my good friend and personal drum guru John Aldridge. The brass re-rings give a little wetness to the normally dry sound of the copper which seems to work perfectly for the song the band is working on.