Oct 17, 2010

EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peak of Chad Smith's Drum Kit from the New Red Hot Chili Peppers Record

Chad Smith sent me this exclusive photo of his Pearl kit (with DW kick drum) straight from the L.A. studio where the Red Hot Chili Peppers are recording their next record. You saw it here first!

Oct 10, 2010

Drum Heaven Limited Edition Shoes?

I just wasted an hour online at Converse.com's hip Flash site designing my own two-of-a-kind Drum Heaven Limited Edition Ox Leather Chuck Taylor kicks. I made the shoes black (for formal gigs) with red trim (in honor of my red Eames drums). I like wearing Chucks when I play: I can feel the kick and hi-hat pedals better than with a heeled shoe, and it's the next best thing to playing barefoot. Some drummers enjoy using a heavier shoe - Buddy Rich famously wore boots when he played and from what I can tell it really didn't impede on his technique at all. ;-)

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Follow this link to check out Drum Heaven Limited Edition Chuck Taylors on Converse.com.