May 6, 2009

The New Alibis @ New Alliance, Cambridge, MA

Stopped by New Alliance Studios on Saturday to lend a hand tuning drums for my buddy Jessie for the new New Alibi's waxing. Rock was made.


  1. are those custom shells? i can't see a badge on any of the wrapped ones and i'm assuming that's the ferrone snare along with a black panther in the background. not being picky just curious that's all. along with using the speaker as a woofer.


  2. Those are jessie's drums - Yamaha shells I believe that he recovered himself. Good eye; that's the Ferrone snare and the Mapex steel shell. The speaker acts as a microphone picking up low frequencies.
    Thanks Ben.

  3. interesting on the speaker. is it a specific speaker or just any sort of 12" speaker?

    secondly, any recommendations for someone to redo the bearing edge on a brass snare?

  4. I think they are usually smaller than 12". They are reverse-wired so the speaker diaphragm acts as a microphone diaphragm. Yamaha makes a commercial one called the SubKick.

    If your brass snare drum is rolled or bent, there is no way I know of to fix the edges or beds. If it is made from a solid tube it is conceivable that you could find a machinist to alter the edge but unless the shell is relatively thick, I wouldn't recommend it.
    Thanks Ben