Aug 16, 2008

Keith Moon

Aug 6, 2008

Chawlie Talks About His Kit

Great insight from Charlie Watts about his legendary Gretsch kit and cymbals. Enjoy.

For that BIG sound

So for all of you that have asked, here's the kit I bring whenever a producer wants to get a really big drum sound...

That's old pal Brad Smith and I beating out our version of "When The Levee Breaks" with invisible sticks. The kit resides on the grounds of Milwaukee, Wisconsin's superlative 12 day music orgy known as Summerfest.

Call To Preserve @ The Outpost

Hardcore heroes Call To Preserve made the pilgrimage from Melbourne, FL to Stoughton, MA and The Outpost to record tracks for their new record "From Isolation". A grand time was had by all and Mike Aviles did a great job with his fast and furious sticksmanship. These boys ROCK!
We used the old standby setup: Eames 9x13" and 15x15" toms, Pearl Steve Ferrone 6.5x14" snare, and the beat-to-hell but still great sounding 16x22" Yamaha kick.