Feb 19, 2007

Gnu Ears Resolution...

Dearest Diary,
I resolve to keep my log up to date with all the drum tech jobs I've been doing as of late. Why just in the last 3 months I've worked with Fall Out Boy , The Click Five , Kids In The Way, and The Unseen (3rd pic from top) - AND, the Red Hot Chili Peppers record I worked on, "Stadium Arcadium", won four (4) Grammys including Rock Album of The Year. And the DVD of the drum night at Berklee I produced for Right Turn (2nd pic from top) is finally available in stores and online, as is the cover story I wrote with Mike Portnoy (top right pic w/ Neil Peart) for Rhythm magazine. Oh golly diary, it's been a busy 90 days! I promise to update the blog with tasty little tidbits of info and insider gossip from all those sessions and articles. Gee diary, I guess blogging is more than just a self- promoting stroke-fest; it can be informative and fun as well.