Oct 10, 2010

Drum Heaven Limited Edition Shoes?

I just wasted an hour online at Converse.com's hip Flash site designing my own two-of-a-kind Drum Heaven Limited Edition Ox Leather Chuck Taylor kicks. I made the shoes black (for formal gigs) with red trim (in honor of my red Eames drums). I like wearing Chucks when I play: I can feel the kick and hi-hat pedals better than with a heeled shoe, and it's the next best thing to playing barefoot. Some drummers enjoy using a heavier shoe - Buddy Rich famously wore boots when he played and from what I can tell it really didn't impede on his technique at all. ;-)

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Follow this link to check out Drum Heaven Limited Edition Chuck Taylors on Converse.com.

1 comment:

  1. vans are also good shoes for drumming. simple and allow you to feel everything. and you can customize them as well.