Jan 11, 2010

Name That Badge - WE HAVE A WINNER!

The contest is simple: The first person to correctly identify this badge from a now-defunct American drum company wins. Vote by leaving a comment underneath this posting. First prize is bragging rights as the biggest drum nerd on your block. Second prize is ... well, as Ricky Bobby would say: "If you ain't first, you're last."

Good luck and may the best drummer win...

Blog reader
Crider from Germany got it right, it's a Walberg & Auge badge.

W&A was a company from Worcester, MA that made parts and hardware for American drum companies. They also sporadically built drums, most notably the Perfection line, often with W&A-made Gretsch lugs. Above is a 1940's era W & A snare drum I recently restored for a friend.
Note the black painted Jasper shell, the Gretsch Rocket lugs, and the Walberg and Auge strainer. (The gold-painted hoops were done after-market by a misguided soul) Here's a non-smudged pic of the badge. Congrats Crider!

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  1. Wahlberg & Auge;) Guess I'm the nerd. Nice Blog btw:)
    Greetings from Germany!!!