Dec 22, 2009

The Take Back @ The Outpost 12/18/09

Boston punkers The Take Back hit the Outpost to record the first seven tracks for their upcoming CD due in 2010. Hard-hitting drummer Dave Sexton brought the rock and sailed through basics in just a few hours. We used the standard Yamaha kick with Eames toms and although Dave's Ludwig Black Beauty is pictured here, we ended up using the Pearl Steve Ferrone - what a surprise! Dave has a somewhat unorthodox way of setting up the kit - toms flat with the rack tom off to the side and cymbals up high. Works for him and kind of reminds me of the Pretenders' Martin Chambers.


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  2. Have you had any experience with the new Gretsch Steve Ferrone Signature kit or snare? and if so how does that compare with the Pearl?