Nov 4, 2008

New Yamaha Snare Drums - Loud, Sensitive, & Vintage

I'm reviewing three new Yamaha snare drums for DRUM! magazine. Top in the above photo is the 14x6.5" 7-ply maple Yamaha Sensitive Series drum. In the middle is the 14x6" 4-ply maple Vintage series drum, and the 14x7" 8-ply oak (!) Loud Series drum is on the bottom. I've gigged and rehearsed a few times with the Sensitive drum and got to hear the Loud Series drum miked in the studio the other day.

An interesting feature of the Sensitive snare is a 60 degree top bearing edge and a 45 degree bottom edge. The wider top edge gives the head more land to sit on and allows a fuller sound and more snare response. This drum has a lot of uses and I've found it very musical and easy to tune and play.

I use to own an oak shell Craviotto snare drum and have found the Loud drum to be similar in character. The best way I can describe the difference between oak and the more commonly used maple and birch is that, while oak has less identifiable character, it does project very well. It's a dry sound that is very focused, which makes it excellent for playing at higher volumes. Further drying the sound are the eight vent holes drilled around the shell. I really liked the throaty snare response and the clean note the drum produced when I heard it over the control room speakers in the studio.

I'm still tinkering around with the Vintage drum but it seems to have good potential. Check out DRUM! mag in a few months for the official review.


  1. The drums sounded great John. Huge yet ...colorful:) Thanks for your great expertise AND the write up! your the best. stay in touch!


  2. The drums were all great. I am planning to replace my old drumset and I will consider YAMAHA this time. Please add more details regarding YAMAHA drums along it's features