Oct 14, 2008

With Woody Giessmann at The Outpost 10/11/08

I spent the day at The Outpost in Stoughton, MA laying down basic tracks for a record by my good friend Woody Giessmann. I'm wearing two hats on this one, producer and drummer, and I'm having a blast! With expert backing by Richard O'Connell (Bryan McPherson, Bean Pickers Union) on bass and Mike Pyle (The Beacons) on guitars it's the best rhythm section I've been involved with for a long time.

Besides being the former drummer with 80s rockers The Del Fuegos, Woody is also a a great singer/songwriter who plays a mean piano. I used my 1950s 22x14" 3-ply Gretsch bass drum, the 13x9" and 15x15" Eames toms (with coated Emperors) and the ever-present 14x6.5" Pearl Steve Ferrone snare drum with a CS Batter. I played 13" Paiste signature hats, and alternated between a 22" K. Constantinople Light ride and my prized 20" Avedis Zildjian Ride from the 50s that's as pretty as any cymbal I've ever heard. We got great sounds thanks to Jim Siegel and my buddy Keith Cornella hung out and helped with the Pro Tools.

Here's a quick montage of some of the basics, unmixed, with scratch vocals:

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  1. Excellent, I defnitely am interested in hearing the results of this session.