May 8, 2008

No Harm Done @ The Outpost, Stoughton, MA 5/7/08

I worked with Orlando, FL's own No Harm Done at The Outpost yesterday and really enjoyed their fast-paced melodic punk songs. Producer Jim Siegel who owns and operates the Outpost decided to track the band live and wanted a tighter drum sound so we moved the kit from it's usual front and center position in the room to the left corner. He put up a couple of baffles and mic'ed accordingly. Jim is one of the fastest and best engineers I've worked with and I learn so much from him at every session we do. The main tracking room at The Outpost is, for my money, the best drum room in New England. The room is very live all the way around without having any nasty standing waves or distortion. I've done more records there (Dropkick Murphys, Death Before Dishonor, Unseen, etc.) than any other studio and Jim and I always have some good laughs.
We used the house 22x16" Yamaha Recording Custom bass drum, my Eames 13x9" and 15x15" toms and the ubiquitous Pearl Steve Ferrone snare drum.
Drummer Tommy Cantwell and the band were completely prepared and knocked off about 19 tunes in a couple of days. Tommy looks like the kid next door but hits the drums with the authority of a seasoned player. Keep an eye out for these guys on their next tour.

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