May 16, 2008

Morningwood @ Water Music, Hoboken,NJ 5/15-16 2008

I'm at the George Augsburger-designed "Big Room" at Water Music in Hoboken, NJ with the band Morningwood , cutting drums on four songs for an upcoming EP on Capitol Records. MW's bassist, Pedro Yanowitz, is also an excellent drummer (having played for The Wallflowers among others) and did a fine job on the songs. Sam Koppelman (Sean Lennon, Yoko Ono, Amy Winehouse) also played on the session.
I love the drum room at Water Music because it sounds great and you can track with a huge room sound but you also have the choice to tighten up the sound with gobo's and baffles. Producer Kato Khandwala had already tracked everything but drums because of scheduling issues, so the challenge was to fit the drums to existing tracks . We used the ubiquitous Eames 13" and 15" toms (which sounded huge in the room) and my one-of-a-kind 5x14" Drum Heaven Raw Brass snare drum, the Pearl Steve Ferrone, and Pedro's 1920s brass 7x14 Ludwig & Ludwig.

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