May 23, 2008

Chad Szeliga / Forever Ouevre Continued ...

It was the second day of tracking with Chad Szeliga (Breaking Benjamin) for the Forever Oeuvre project. Chad is working from FO's founder Ronny Paige's demo's which had midi drums played on a keyboard by Ronny. To me they sounded almost impossible to replicate on the drum set, but that's exactly what Chad did. These are parts that would've made Danny Carey cross-eyed but Chad somehow made sense of them. He maintained a can do attitude and took it as his mission to make the parts work.
Been giving two new snares from Mapex a workout for a review in DRUM! magazine. We used the new 5.5x14" Black Panther SS Solid Steel snare drum on two songs today. It has a dry sound but tons of punch and never got out of control. The drum is made from a solid steel pipe then is routed out on the inside leaving "soundrings" on the top and bottom, not unlike glue hoops on a wood snare drum. Keep an eye out for my review.

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