Apr 30, 2008

Fall Out Boy at Chung King Studios 12/15/06

Back at the end of 2006, my friend producer/engineer/pizza chef Scott Riebling asked me to drum tech on a session for Fall Out Boy at Chung King studios in NYC. Scott had been working for producer Butch Walker on various sessions and Butch was producing some songs for FOB's new record. We used Carl Plaster's 22" DW kick drum, my 9x13 and 15x15 custom Eames and went back and forth between a 6.5x14" Drum Heaven Galaxy snare drum (the first one I ever built!) and the Pearl Steve Ferrone. It was exciting to watch lead singer/composer Pat Stump write and demo an entire song and then see the band record it. The result "Don't You Know Who I Think I Am?" can be heard on FOB's 2007 album Infinity On High. The video is of Patrick Stump and Butch Walker laying down guitars.

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